I found an online interior design firm to do my kids rooms during the pandemic. With the school changes and the kids spending more time at home, I immediately knew I had to make some changes to improve learning and at the same time, a more relaxing bedroom for the kids to rest during their downtime. My dilemma came as I am only engaged with an online service platform, I’m not sure how I can get the design executed. Glad to have found Hello Jack, a great platform to find skilled workers/contractors. It’s like your Uber for renovations. I filled in the information in the app. Melanie of Hello Jack responded quickly via WhatsApp. Confirming all the details of the project. Linked me with one of their skilled partners close to my location. Booked the date after we agreed with the price, reasonable and competitive pricing I must say, after contacting a couple other more.

Richard from the team came on the day of the renovation works, he made sure that the details and the scope of work from the project is clear between myself and the sifu. Not only that I don’t speak Cantonese, but also the trade language. He left and came back at the end of the day to make sure that everything is done correctly, efficiently, and not to mention the highest standards.

I’m very happy with the results. We finished 4 rooms in a very minimal timeframe. The kids said it’s the best room ever! I believe that a beautiful, well thought home makes the happiest family. Thank you for making this happen. Kudos to the team! Will be working with you guys again soon! Next up….my air conditioning maintainance.