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許師傅, 新界
Complete Renovation, Repairs & Maintenance

A user friendly handyman app to all end users!!

HelloJack! is a user friendly handyman app to all end users!! Keep up your good work.

William, Sai Ying Pun
Repairs & Maintenance

Super Good AC Cleaning Service

Thank you! This AC handyman is super good. Very proper and clean!

Karen, Mongkok
Repairs & Maintenance

Efficient and Excellent Work

Hi Philip/HelloJack!

Thanks for the work – it was efficient and excellent. I’d be happy to provide a personal reference on the interior design work.

Alex, Mid-Levels
Repairs & Maintenance

Best App For Home Improvement Work

This is the best app for anything you need for the household . No need to ask different contractors to compare prices. They do it for you!

Chris, Austin Road
Repairs & Maintenance

Home Owner’s Dream Come True !

Many thanks for your kind and courteous assistance. You not only responded quickly and actively, I found your renovation Hong Kong contractor to be diligent and professional, and got the work completed in a timely manner – and beautifully done ! Thanks also for making good the fridge door issue – free of charge !! This is really a home owner’s dream come true – fast, efficient, no frills delivery of results, hassles-free ! Indeed, action speaks louder than words ! Wishing you all the success in your new business !!

Jack, South Bay
Repairs & Maintenance


HelloJack! matches Hong Kong’s best handymen with local renovation projects

Brainchild of former corporate executive Philip Leung Shu-kai, the app aims to take on jobs of all sizes, from a leaky tap to a full remodel


Jack of all trades on call

Busy Hongkongers can find plumbers, electricians, renovators and more through an app.


New app launched for Hong Kong renovation market

Contracting is now officially part of the social economy

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Interior Design for Hong Kong Homes

Interior Design in Hong Kong is grossly misunderstood by the majority of property owners or tenants. There are two parts to any interior decoration project – functionality, and aesthetics. In the West, a more frequently used term is remodeling.

HelloJack! is a technology startup powered by the Global Positioning System (GPS), where technology is employed to mobilize the trade and sub-trades. HelloJack! is also a leading interior design studio unique for its artistic prowess, superior workmanship, and one-of-a-kind quality assurance program.

Interior Styling Aesthetics

Among money-mad Hong Kong consumers where economic activities reign supreme (real-estates, stock markets…) beautifying a space, be it residential or commercial, usually takes the backseat. ‘Interior Decoration in Hong Kong’ as a brand typically refers to a ‘space’ dominated by white walls, flooring is either white marble slabs or ceramic tiles in beige colour, furniture are of light, or pastel tone with little hues. Lighting fixtures are of the ceiling-mounted type…

Because the whole concept of living is centered around functionality or practicality, interior styling becomes an option not being considered an integral part of the layout plan. Inasmuch as consumers desire a home (or office) with a white interior, uncluttered, and easy to clean… the phrase ‘renovation in Hong Kong’ is therefore being regarded as some kind of an exercise where there’s only one master plan, while the rest are merely unattractive derivatives or simply carbon-copies. Following this guideline designers and general contractors usually come up with clinical and drab cookie-cutter boxes, and that’s Hong Kong’s famous brand of interior styling.

Lighting is ‘big knowledge’. You may have a beautifully constructed shell but with poor lighting design the interior just doesn’t look right! Lighting is therefore a ‘make or break’ area. One must use ceiling lights (downlight) as little as possible but sumptuous, generous application of table lamps and floor lamps to render a space warm and fuzzy, fabulous, inviting and exciting. Except for illumination in work areas, dim lighting throughout the house is always preferred where practical.

Importance of Functionality in Interior Decoration

“Renovation in Hong Kong” is a phrase denoting a typical construction concept Hong Kong households are certainly most familiar with – throw out everything old and buy new! Unfortunately, this includes pipework or electrical work that are otherwise intact and not currently presenting safety or health hazards. These installations are buried into walls or underneath floorboards, utilities such as incoming water pipes, sewage pipes, gas pipes, electrical conduits…etc… They are the so-called unsung heroes of Interior Design!

Your Professional, Reliable Hong Kong Renovation Partner

Stemming from the fact that Asian folks have their own ideas of what a home should look like and feel like wherever they settle outside of their home countries, the previous life of HelloJack! did numerous ‘interior design Hong Kong-type’ projects, pro-bono, in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, and Beijing the last 50 years. Through extensive travels in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and China, our founder - Phil has developed a deep understanding about arts & culture, and local customs. Phil designs and curates all family homes in North America and Hong Kong since he was 25 years old.

The quintessential HelloJack! story in the foregoing, along with the other article titled ‘Home Improvement’ under the same promotional initiative, will revolutionize the interior design and interior decoration culture in Hong Kong!