HelloJack! stays away from ‘Hong Kong Special’ – a cookie-cutter/modular-type construction model that’s exceedingly drab or clinical. Largely a passion at the outset, Founder/CEO Phil could no longer contain his desire to turn passion into work…  Phil and his ilk dabble in the reno trade & sub-trades, often pro-bono basis, for over 40 years providing artistic directions or advice on construction methodology – yes, the ‘dos’ and don’ts’…!  Through extensive travels in Europe and North America Phil has developed a deep understanding about arts & culture, and local customs. Phil did numerous remodeling/ restoration work in North America, China and Hong Kong to critical acclaims !  Back home, trade & sub-trades are brutally segmented, scattered, and quality standards varied.  Over-charging clients has become a way of life for decades, and the workmanship hardly matches the steep fees clients are asked to pay.  The other problem is long waiting time. For small- and medium-sized projects clients stand in queues for months for c fus (handymen) to show up, if they show up at all !