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HelloJack! is a leading interior design studio unique for its superior workmanship and one-of-a-kind design for residential and office spaces in Hong Kong



Indoor and outdoor spaces remodeling, we do them all ! We have worked on numerous projects in North America, China and Hong Kong to critical acclaims !

Interior Design

Specializing in modern eclectic and classical European design, HelloJack! offers full-service design from space planning, interior furnishing and decorating to project management. 


Want to spice up the space without costing a fortune? Our interior furnishing partner will work closely with you to decorate your home to fit your style and budget !

Custom Builds

Looking to custom build cabinets or furniture that fit your space? Our carpentry specialists are at your service ! We work with trusted manufacturers in China to ensure products are up to our standard.


Kiss goodbye to grumpy workers. We carefully select handymen to work with. Attitude and workmanship always come first ! 

Repairs & Maintenance

Need someone handy to do minor home fixings and maintenance? Our app connects you to nearby handymen to fix any problems you may have. 



Your #1 Renovator for Interior Designs, Remodeling, & Home Improvements

Largely a passion at the outset, Founder/CEO Phil could no longer contain his desire to turn passion into work…  Phil and his ilk dabble in the reno trade & sub-trades, often pro-bono basis, for over 40 years providing artistic directions or advice on construction methodology – yes, the ‘dos’ and don’ts’…!  Through extensive travels in Europe and North America Phil has developed a deep understanding about arts & culture, and local customs.  Phil did numerous remodeling/restoration work in North America, China and Hong Kong to critical acclaims !  Back home, trade & sub-trades are brutally segmented, scattered, and quality standards varied.  Over-charging clients has become a way of life for decades, and the workmanship hardly matches the steep fees clients are asked to pay.  The other problem is long waiting time. For small- and medium-sized projects clients stand in queues for months for c fus (handymen) to show up, if they show up at all !

Our Design Styles

HelloJack Artisan


A home that’s warm and fussy at night adorned by a sumptuous art collection. Potted plants can be seen in every corner of the house to complement the soft, dim lighting emitting from table lamps or floor lamps. Furniture can be ultra modern or from different periods, for the former usually some upmarket name brands. An artisan home is a sophisticated home.

HelloJack Elegance


A definite upgrade from the ‘Hong Kong Special’, to complete with some specific design features. Different hues is used on walls and floors. Objects and arts being displayed exude simple elegance, taste and reflects the personality of the flat owners. Lighting at night is soft and inviting. The space may still be under 600 SF but it embraces class and warmth.

HelloJack HK Special

Hong Kong Special

Restricted by size, but most probably a customary practice passed down by generations, Hong Kong property owners prefer a simple decor that’s clinical, practical, and, in their own words – “easy to manage and clean”. A typical apartment measuring 400 SF would see white or beige walls paired with sparsely arranged furniture with pastel hues.

Featured Work

Our Process


Onboarding & Design

Sit down with our designer, tell us what you love and how you’d like to use the space. We’ll then transcribe your thoughts and tastes into beautiful renderings to help you visualize the space.



After the initial design phase, we’ll prepare an all-inclusive plan from finish, materials and furniture selection, to space planning and work scheduling. 



This is the part where HelloJack really stands out. HelloJack! contractors have over 25 years of hands-on experience. Our project manager will be involved in every little step of the renovation process.





Flooring &

We also work on a wide variety of home repairs and maintenance projects

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