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Written by Melanie Chan

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July 20, 2020

Trust me, HelloJack!, it doesn’t cost you ‘an arm and a leg’ to make your home beautiful !  All you need is determination, and scream out ‘yea, I want my flat to look nice and feel warm !’  Here are several real-life examples to help you get planning started…then HelloJack! will step in to do the work for you.
Your last reno may have been 20/25 years ago, and you don’t wait (suffer) for another 20 to invite friends over for coffee.

Here is an example – Renovation of Jardine’s Lookout Residents’ Association:

JLRA designed by HelloJack!

Guess how much this face lift cost ?  (Answer : HK$30,000-$50,000

How can we beautify our place? Here are some tips given by HelloJack!.

1.  Good riddance – traditional Hong Kong reno style !😢

Renovation of Jardine's Lookout Residents' Association
JLRA – interior style

HelloJack! invented a term ‘Hong Kong Milk Tea’ to describe the bland, clinical decor that’s exceedingly drab and boring…and one that’s preferred by our fellow citizens.  The misconception comes from this : a light background gives a perception of space…and also, no knickknacks, nothing on the wall, nothing anywhere else 😢 Because we were told by our parents (and their parents) this is so, the baton got passed down to generations indiscriminately. This is unfortunate. 

So, starting from today maybe, you will slowly develop a taste of your own with individualism and style.
Biggest secret in town : it won’t take much financially, and ‘llI put it at HK$30-50k, to reclaim blank space transforming it into your dream home !  .   

2. Walls-repainting and wallcoverings

JLRA – walls repainting and coverings

Our home should be warm, classy, elegant, beautiful, full of memorabilia, objects, wall arts and all…and dotted with subdued colours.  And, don’t forget planters, big and small. I challenge readers to visit an average home in Hong Kong, and tell me the above description is not correct.

3. Knicknacks and ornaments 

When we say ‘ornaments’ we don’t mean excessively busy objects that are gaudy and with poor taste.

JLRA – knicknacks and ornaments

After repainting walls or putting up wallcoverings, tiny bits and pieces of wood panels, etc. the ‘shell’ is ready for a makeover.

In your travels to Europe, North America or Southeast Asia try to spend a couple of days to look for unique pieces of art, paintings or wall hangings of different size, shape and colours. 
Big secret in town again – don’t go for a specific theme or style or a certain artist when picking these items.  Be spontaneous, be bold and audacious.  The objective is to select a hodgepodge of ‘things’ while abroad so that you can start your own creation when you get home.

If you can spend HK$5,000 each trip, after 4 trips you’ll have a sumptuous collection of art pieces for your beautiful home ! 


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